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On Gregorian calendar month ninth, 2016, Dan Pfeiffer awakened like most of the planet curious WTF simply happened. however had Donald Trump won the White House? however was it that a good and thoughtful president had been succeeded by a humourous reality star, and what will we do now?

Instead of discard his phone and moving to a different country (which were his 1st and second thoughts), Pfeiffer determined to inform this surreal story, telling however Barack Obama navigated the insane political forces that created Trump, explaining why everybody got 2016 wrong, and providing a path for wherever Democrats go from here.

Pfeiffer was one among Obama's 1st hires once he determined to run president, and was at his aspect through 2 presidential campaigns and 6 years within the White House. mistreatment never-before-heard stories and under-the-table anecdotes, affirmative we tend to (STILL) will examines however Obama succeeded despite Twitter trolls, Fox News (and their pretend news), and a political party that lost its collective mind.

An irreverent, no-BS fight the crazy politics of our time, affirmative we tend to (STILL) will could be a must-read for everybody United Nations agency is disturbed by Trump, misses Obama, and is walk, calling, and hoping for a more robust future for the country.


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