You Are On An Airplane

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 Have you ever puzzled what it might be like visit Parker Posey? On associate heavier-than-air craft, with Parker as your seat companion, perhaps? Parker’s irreverent, hilarious, and entrancing memoir provides you the unbelievable chance. jam-packed with personal stories, impulsive how-tos, recipes, and exquisite handmade  collages created by the author herself, You’re On associate heavier-than-air craft could be a enjoyment of each method.


In her 1st book, player and star of flicks like Dazed and Confused, Party Girl, You’ve Got Mail, The House of affirmative, and then more, Posey disclose concerning the art of acting, life on the set, and therefore the realities of its related  fame. A funny and colourful southern childhood ready Posey for a lifetime of making and fun, that not solely extends to acting however to the craft of pottery, sewing, collage, yoga, and cookery, all of that readers can notice during this impulsive, hilarious, invariably fun book. Parker takes America into her childhood home, behind the scenes of the indie film revolution within the 90s, the pleasant absurdity of the big-budget genre thrillers she’s became art in a very whole new method, and therefore the creativeness that may invariably be a part of each her acting and her personal life.


With Posey’s unforgettable, hilarious, and poignant voice, her book provides the reader a sense of traveling through not solely a memoir, however a hunt, meditation, associated celebration of what it suggests that to be an creative person. Buckle up and luxuriate in the journey.


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